Rocky River Bee Farm


Welcome to Rocky River Bee Farm…

A humble, 15-acre farm located near the scenic Rocky River in Chatham County, NC just trying to make a difference in the world!

Honey bees have been having a very hard time in recent years with CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), Varroa mites, habitat destruction, pests, and pesticides.
We are trying to make a positive impact by keeping bees naturally, and raising Queens from our own selected stock.  By doing so, we hope to develop a healthy, mite-resistant strain that thrives in the Central North Carolina climate.



 The Best Honey is Local

Local honey, when minimally filtered and unprocessed, provides enzymes and very small amounts of local pollens. It’s a delicious way to boost your immunity to allergies from plants that grow in the area where you live. Pure, raw honey is the natural, healthy way to sweeten your tea, put on your cereal, or cook with. Much of the commercial honey comes from overseas and has been heavily processed – sometimes even mixed with corn syrup.

Rocky River Bee Farm offers an exclusive line of 100% pure, local honey and Honey Products from our very own hives.

Locally Grown Bees

When selecting Queens to breed, we choose gentle, hygienic, and productive qualities.  But most important, is the fact that we utilize our own survivor stock. These are bees that have survived and over-wintered successfully, meaning the next generation will be better equipped to thrive in the central NC climate.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Beekeeping methods in an effort to naturally treat our bees, use organic treatments, and never, ever use hard chemicals in our hives.


 We Need Honey Bees More Than They Need Us!

Honey bees are much more than just producers of honey and wax. In fact, one out of every three bites of food that you eat, was, at some point, dependent on pollinators. And being the most prolific pollinators in nature, honey bees do a tremendous job in the busy work of flower-visiting. Not just fruits and vegetables, but many of the grains and grasses fed to livestock are also dependent on pollinators.

Proud to serve as Master Beekeeper for Chatham Park!

Our second “Pollination Station” is now open at MOSAIC in Pittsboro!

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Watch a documentary about the first Chatham Park Pollination Station here

An article about the project can be found here




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