Honey Bee Services

Is there a honey bee swarm hanging in your yard that you need removed?
-We can relocate the bees to a safe place.

Need help extracting honey?
-We can help you extract, bottle, and test your very own honey.

Need advice or professional assembly for your beekeeping equipment?
-We have years of experience to draw from.

How about a guided tour through one of our beehives – or yours?
-Private sessions are available from a NC Master Beekeeper.


We professionally assemble equipment all the time! We can assemble your equipment for a very reasonable fee. All joints are glued and frames are double stapled. Built to last.  Once constructed, we can paint or treat your equipment so it will serve you for many years.

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Honey bees multiply by “swarming”. Though it’s an intimidating sight, a swarm of bees is not a threat. When available, we will remove accessible swarms in the Pittsboro area for no charge. We will come to capture the swarm and relocate the bees to a safe place. “Extractions” are when bees have moved into a structure and this requires being cut out. These jobs are quoted on a job by job basis, depending on complexity.

For more info or to report a swarm, contact us!!!



Do you have bee hives and need some help extracting honey? We have the equipment to extract and bottle your honey for you. Many bottling and packaging options are available. We can also test your honey for moisture levels.

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Interested in using the power of bees to pollinate your garden, orchard, or farm? Pollination contracts are available from Rocky River Bee Farm. We will bring our own colonies of bees to your location,  set them up, then the bees do all the work!

If you are interested, please contact us for more information!



Want one-on-one lessons or time at your bee yard? How about a guided tour through one of our hives before you take up the hobby? We can guide you through the whole process: From equipment selection to honey bee acquisition.

NC Master Beekeeper available for hire.  If you are interested, please contact us for more information!